What Brazil Has Taught Me

1. How to be afraid for my life as a passenger in a car.

2. Porra

3. How to miss cold weather, possibly even snow. (Cadu loves this one.)

4. Not to ask what kind of meat you are eating.

5. Farofa to Brazilians is like ranch dressing to Americans. It tastes good on (nearly) everything.

6. Showering 2 or 3 times a day is totally reasonable and necessary, and who cares about water usage?

7. Brazilians are some of the nicest, friendliest people, unless they are behind the steering wheel. Then they become a potentially violent enemy.

8. No other country’s juice will ever compare.

9. Cadê is a very useful word.

10. It can be easy and yet sometimes difficult to adjust to living with a maid (even if only an occasional one).

11. The United States has one of the largest variety of products on the market, and for very cheap. (By the way, I didn’t just learn this from Brazil, but also Chile.)

12. How to miss dishwashers, washing machines/dryers, and parking lots.

13. You can eat beans every day and not get gas or get sick of them.

14. This one is specific to Recife, but how to tell the difference between 84º and 85º.

15. The need for SPF 50.

16. I am willing to buy a regular sized jar of peanut butter for the equivalent of $10 USD.

17. Bringing fast food to the movies is a genius idea.

18. It doesn’t matter how overweight you are, you have the right to wear the tiniest bikini you can put on if you want to.

19. Everyone is your ‘amigo’ or ‘amiga.’

20. Coconut water isn’t just for people who want to look trendy, healthy, or rich.

20 seems like a good stopping place for now. I will try to add things as I think of them! Maybe my friend Jessica will help too because she arrives in Recife tomorrow! It will be fun to acquaint her with this country and be reminded of how foreign this place was when I came the first time in 2011. Plus, we get to celebrate Carnival for the first time this year! It officially starts this Friday, but some parties have already been going on here. I’ll be sure to update everyone on the experience!


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