Things I Miss

In no particular order…

1. my house. my room. my bed. carpeted floors and heat. basically everything about my house in general.

2. family obviously. my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews.

3. my bff Ashley. again, that’s obvious.

4. American food (and the corresponding prices). generally speaking, I don’t like Chilean food.

5. having a car. the convenience. freedom. driving. driving while jamming to music with and without the windows down. also, I used to miss metros. not anymore. I can’t wait to not have to take the metro at 8am on weekdays in Santiago.

6. customer service. while it can royally suck working in any customer service field, I have a great appreciation for fast, friendly service. even McDonald’s is not really ‘fast’ food. and today we decided to stop there for coffee before going into the mountains and they replied to our request for cappuccinos that they ‘didn’t have milk.’ (by the way, I have some luck in Chile. I can never order what I want. there is always at least one item I order that they ‘don’t have.’)

7. shopping. I don’t make enough money here to rationalize buying clothes, but even if I could I probably wouldn’t buy much. I hate most of the fashion here and everything is really expensive.

8. Minnesota Nice and general consideration for others. there are no personal bubbles here and people seem to be incapable of noticing others walking behind them, in front of them, or standing next to them. touch me one more time and I will………grrrrrr!

9. in many ways I miss English. I do enjoy living among a foreign language, but sometimes life would just be a million times easier if I could fully express myself.

10. convenience. the US is the land of convenience. you can accomplish many things in one day. you know where to go, can drive there quickly, get in and get out, and get on to the next. not so here. part of this is just because I’m a foreigner and don’t necessarily know where I need to go and my lack of Spanish, but a lot of it is just not knowing how long it is going to take and having unknown factors impede on your productivity.

11. my cabin! how I didn’t get this on the list earlier, I dunno, but that is my happy place. I miss it in all types of weather, but I especially miss summer at the cabin. however, I also miss going there with my best friend in the fall and spring, spending the weekend in our PJs, knitting, watching movies, drinking wine and/or coffee, and cooking yummy dinners together.

12. target. you understand.

13. Caribou. we have plenty of Starbucks here, but Caribou is where it is at. spicy mocha? puhlease.

14. my cardio kickboxing class. lifetime champlin. bridget’s class. try it out! it used to be wednesdays at 6pm.

15. access to a variety of local, organic, and healthy foods for reasonable prices. what you pay for those at home is what you pay here for the crap. feel fortunate.

16. the state fair. since that is happening now and it is the first time I am missing it! eat your weight in fried foods for me, people!

Much love, Minnesota!

To be continued…



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